Work wih Sophie Edelstein

Sergey Novikov was an assistant of the famous French illusionist Sophie Edelstein
in 2011-2012. (Click on the photo.)

Sophie Edelstein - Grandes illusions


Work with the famous French singer Amaury Vassili

Sergey Novikov did choreography for Amaury Vassili's performance in Royal Palace.
Amaury Vassili represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.


Miss Chine 2013

03.08.2013 doing Miss Chine 2013


Royal Palace show 2013 2014 season

Sergey Novikov holding audition for Royal Palace show 2013  2014 season 16 17 january In Amsterdam


Show SEDUCTION in Royal Palace

From 6 of august start creation of new show SEDUCTION in Royal Palace, France as assistent of  choreograph; choreofraph
work with Walter Louis ,NY work with Lisa Marie Bertoni ;London

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