Sergey Novikov is a bright dancer, choreographer and a stylish man with positive charging in the world today.

He was born and raised in Samara - Russian city on the Volga River. After several years of study at the Academy of Fine Arts has left to conquer Moscow, where he successfully worked with such stars of the Russian stage, as Anita Choi, Nicholay Baskov and Natalie Vetlitskaya. Then, after a major audition, as one of the best dancers, he was selected to work in one of the largest cabarets in France - Royal Palace. He is a successful dancer, soloist of the ballet master, assistant director and choreographer there for over than 10 years.

During his career, which continues today, Sergey worked with large and popular choreographers Claudett Walker, Nathan Clarke and Lisa Marie Bertoni.

Sergey Novikov is improving constantly, he took a course in such famous schools as NY Broadway dance Centre, L 'ecole Harmonic Paris, Pineapple Studio London.

As a choreographer, he staged "Magic Show" for Jan Rouven – well known German illusionist . Sergey Novikov is the author of many productions for the Royal Palace, the dance show «Las Vegas Show Girls» and Russian Variety «Monroe».

Sergey was a model for the world's best brands: Kenzo; Wella; Peugeot. He participated in many television shows on the channel TF1 TF2 TF 3 TF, Alsace, France and DF in Germany. There are several articles written about him and his works in French journals and the Russian magazine CHOYS.